Using `sed` to find and replace in file

sed = Stream EDitor

sed find and replace text

sed 's/word1/word2/g' input.file

Find and replace text and save to new file

sed 's/word1/word2/g' input.file > output.file


  • s/ means substitute

  • /g means global replace

Can change delimiter / to something else:

sed 's~word1~word2~g' input.file > output.file

Find and replace in the line contains something

sed -i -e '/FOO/s/love/sick/' input.txt

In this example only find the word love and replace it with the sick if line content a specific string such as FOO

Find and replace multiple files in sub-folder

find ./ -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/apple/orange/g' {} \;

-i to save the temporary file


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